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Our Story

Kim and Rob Scott moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Concord, Massachusetts with the idea in mind to open their own coffee shop. Rob had worked in Production Management and Kim worked in Party Planning. In 2012 they drove cross country and moved to Massachusetts, and in late 2013, the Concord shop opened. Kim and Rob knew from the start that they wanted their focus to be on seriously good coffee: they were tired of all the corporate brands with bland flavors and uncaring baristas! They knew they wanted to treat their employees and customers right, while also treating them to coffee made by and made for coffee lovers. Attached to this, they also knew they wanted to have delicious breakfast and lunch options, and to explore and experiment with unique baked goods. From the ground up, Kim, Rob, Laurie, Madeline, and Tomi built the Haute Coffee Concord shop and made it into a comfy, cozy space for friends to meet over a cup of coffee and plate of baked good just as it was a place for a small get together, or just a place to sit and read for a while. In 2017 the Haute Team opened up the Cambridge location with the same principles in mind, this time with a sleeker, newer vibe to match the pace and intensity of Cambridge. Each shop is unique, but entwined are the deep roots of passion, creativity, dedication, and hard work that the Haute Team has put into each shop over the years.